Roblox offsets (version-2cca5ed32b534b2a)

Author: Anonymous hnrmjl

Expire: Never

Roblox offsets "[workspace] gravity offset": 0x898, "[workspace] children": 0x50, "[workspace] parent": 0x60, "[player] character offset": 0x298, "[player] name offset": 0x48, "[player] localplayer": 0x100, "[humanoid] walkspeed offset": 0x1B0, "[humanoid] walkspeed 2nd offset": 0x388, "[humanoid] health offset": 0x178, "[humanoid] jumppower offset": 0x190, "[humanoid] hipheight offset": 0x180, "[humanoid] x offset": 0x13C, "[humanoid] y offset": 0x140, "[humanoid] z offset": 0x144, "[datamodel] game id offset": 0x160, "[datamodel] job id offset": 0x100, "[camera] current cam offset": 0x420, "[camera] cam pos offset": 0x268, "[camera] camera x offset": 0xF4, "[camera] camera y offset": 0xF8, "[camera] camera z offset": 0xFC, "[player] local_player": 0x100, "[player] model_instance": 0x298, "[player] primitive": 0x158, "[player] cframe": 0x11C, "[player] position": 0x140, "[player] velocity": 0x14C, "[player] primsize": 0x284, "[player] dimensions": 0x720, "[camera] viewmatrix": 0x4B0, "[camera] camera_pos": 0x268, "[camera] camera_cframe": 0xD0, "[camera] camera_fov": 0x138, "[player] health": 0x174, "[player] max_health": 0x194, "[humanoid] jumpspeed": 0x190, "[humanoid] team": 0x1D0, - Extra "[humanoid] slopeangle offset": 0x198,

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