learn to be healthy and happy

Author: Anonymous k77d6l

Expire: Never

this is what i want people to find out the truth about in this world, based on my opinions which i hopefully form with open mindedness and criticality

diet: cooked meat raw milk fruit juice blood (white) sugar (preferably not by itself)

philosophy of life: naturalism (action based on natural instincts, from "natural" (adj.) + -ism."

living place: somewhere where natural behavior is not supressed on the countryside or in a small city

unhealthy, unnatural, stressful things which are prevalent today: not generally listening to your body doing exercise, especially running veganism fasting consuming vegetables city life child-free life school, university not sleeping at least 9 hours being close minded, uncritical

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS criticisms and suggestions are welcome

contact me on matrix @anondud:matrix.org


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