Author: Anonymous ox552l

Expire: Never

Go to aTRUSTED attorney, tell him you know a targeted individual; get him to help. Tell him he or whoever he refers you to can start a class action suit and be a hero- if you think that this targeting ends with us, you're an idiot like most people or a sociopath who doesn't care about their grandchildren. It started with us; it ends with everyone. Everyone will be controlled and tortured who doesn't comply in the near future. Does that mean you should hide? Hell no. it means we have to speak out or THERE IS NO FUTURE. NO FREEDOM. NOTHING. Don't you see that? Why are so many people thought- challenged? It is not difficult to stay silent and they strengthen and we have fewer and fewer rights. This is about ALL Of Us. you look and think “ that'll never happen to me.” That's the stupidest way to think and you lack critical thinking skills if you think that way and sadly most Americans do

If you choose to be slaves to a criminal mob,what kind of life is that for your children,? Where is their future when all the good leaders have been murdered?!

Write these words on a pamphlet and pass it out at your next “ neighborhood watch.” Try to avoid the town busybody who is a sociopath pretending to be a cop.

Get enough of your friends together to do a protest in front of your city hall

Go on Dr Phil and say hey you know what? That lady wasn't delusional it's happening in my town.

Stalking isn't that bad. A strong family can easily handle it.

If you have a family they cannot ruin you. They only target sociopathic cult families who abuse and then sells out their own; talk to an attorney

Everyone needs to stand so that everyone has freedom in the future. There are 1 million targets in China being tortured in prison, is that what you want for America because thousands being murdered in America is worse than that and soon just disagreeing will get you imprisoned!


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