Author: Anonymous 446yml

Expire: Never

CNI/CCN-CERT [SPANISH "SECRET" SERVICE] OPSEC FAILS Cyber-spies caught: Jesus Anton @hackingpatatas @jesux -UMH 2004- Julian Menendez @julianjm512 [collaborator] Internal software: Imperva NordVPN Office for Windows -outdated- Panda Antivirus Roundcube -outdated- RTIR -outdated- Outsourced company (access to Joomla! backend): Innotec Security Notorious scandals: 2 CNI agents arrested Abdelbaki Es Satty CNI Atentados 11-M CNI Atentados 17-A CNI Comisario Villarejo CNI Corinna Larsen CNI Emboscada Latifiya CNI Pegasus CNI Pequeno Nicolas CNI Roberto Florez Garcia CNI Urnas 1-O CNI

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