Author: Anonymous ox552l

Expire: Never

A small army of trashy, run down, junky, sex offender, rat snitches, will act like the paparazzi while attempting to entrap you with drugs, guns, whores, and money. The motivation for this is subjective in the individual GS. The scam that promotes and enables what the GS do, is much bigger. The low level pawns doing street theater, looking like buffoons, don't have the cognition to think of how much is really being made off of their folly. Meanwhile, the rich get richer while guaranteeing their minions in the state and local agencies an abundance of victims and funding. If I was a GS I'd be pissed. Out here running errands and ensuring this whole scam is successful while endangering themselves, with no hazard pay mind you, while risking being caught sex offending on the TI. The GS on my case deserve more money for they get treated. If only they were smart enough to get their reparations too. Poor pathetic imbeciles. God bless them with more understanding of how to end their suffering.


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