Author: Anonymous ox552l

Expire: Never

The most common way they watch you is hacking your wifi and using it to map out your house on the inside. Then track you. There is Advancement with 5 G also. On the outside they use boots on the ground, Cameras and Infrared to track movement. As far as real time video they need to have access some way to planet it. If they had that you may have cameras inside. I found my pest control company was planting things while he was spraying. I put a dog collar with a mini camera on one of my dogs and let him follow him around one day then fired them. He was planting live bugs also fruit flies and spiders and cock roaches also. Since they are gone so aren't the bugs.

Just to update this post since I wrote this, I have learned that I have been loaded up with microchips now I know of about 20 planted in me in my tooth fillings arms and many other places in my body. So outside they need nothing to track you with any longer up inside depending on your structure they still need your wifi or something to track you if you have Improved your structure to defeat their intrusion of it. If you have your cell phone will not get a signal out of the structure either.


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