COVID-19 is a ROS-driven pathology

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Coronavirus E and 3a proteins are calcium ion channels and promote ER calcium dumping into the intracellular space: This was also true of SARS: Intracellular calcium increases ROS production: SARS-CoV-2 suppresses NRF2 activity: Link between NLRP3 inflammasome and IRI: Bradykinin Storm: Treating COVID-19 with Firazyr: Description of NO/ONOO- vicious cycle: COVID-19 patients have low nitric oxide: NO is antiviral against SARS: NO/ONOO- Cycle Implicated in ME/CFS: Long COVID is basically ME/CFS: NRLP3 inflammasome associated with NETosis: COVID-19 is associated with NETosis, as well: Spike forms amyloid-fibrin microclots: COVID-19 associated with iron overload: V/Q Mismatch: ROS storm in COVID-19 chemically blocks O2 carriage by heme in RBCs by MPO's formation of excess hypochlorous acid: NRLP3 inflammasome has a role in IRI-induced inflammation: Mechanism of IRI: Ultimate pathological fate in COVID-19 is hydroxyl radical formation and ferroptosis: Fenton reaction: Should have used antioxidants: In summary, intubation without protective antioxidant adjunct therapy basically melted people's lungs with ROS. You're welcome.

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