Blud's Tor Link List

Author: Anonymous dts85l

Expire: Never

Blud's Onion Listing

All the sites are up and working as of April 2024

Tor Scam List

  1. Tor Scam List
  2. verified by TOR LINKS

Search Engines

  1. Ahmia
  2. Deep Search
  3. Submarine
  4. Tor Search
  5. Onion Land Search
  6. Tor66
  7. Torch
  8. Haystak

Link Lists

  1. verified by TOR LINKS
  2. TOR Hidden Wiki
  3. The Hidden Wiki - Fake one
  4. The Hidden Wiki - At this point idk which one is real
  5. Darkzone Listing
  6. Dark Zone Onion Links
  7. YellowDir
  8. Query
  9. The Tor Time - Darknet Link List


  1. ProPublica
  2. Natural News
  3. DarkNetLive
  4. Flashlight 2.0
  5. The Tor Times

Mail Services

  1. Proton
  2. Mail2Tor
  3. Onion Mail
  4. TorBox
  5. Tuta


  1. Dark Net Army
  2. Hidden Answers
  3. Query
  4. DarkZone
  5. Dread


  1. Dispora
  2. Albeonion - Talk to strangers


  1. Virutal Library
  2. PK SIM DB
  3. Dark Matter - haven't surfed it

This is an onion link list bookmark by me (blud) for the sites i use whenever i need to, if you find any site offline or want to make a recommendation please drop down a comment or send an email to one of the following mails and I'll update them as soon as possible [email protected] [email protected]


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