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Author: Anonymous tsxohl

Expire: Never

I want to talk to you for a second about spiritual emergencies. For three years, I attended an interfaith seminary which specialized in manufacturing spiritual emergencies, or crises of faith and identity, in those who enrolled. During my time there, I discovered many, many victims of a social engineering machine much older than the internet. I also experienced this type of abuse firsthand, before and after discovering a variety of hoaxes and misleading herrings often used by people all working together, to mask their collective manipulations, to create a transformational crisis disguised as divine intervention. Creating the feeling that the living internet or matrix reads your mind or knows your sins is just one collective illusion spiritual homeopaths use, to create a fear in victims that their minds are being read by machines, or by other people-- unreasonable fear created by concerted illusions. They do this by polluting any spiritual tradition that exists, polluting real religion with their false performance of religion, so that their lie of omniscience resembles the presence of God. These are gurus, shamans, homeopaths of every stripe, which sell their products on "overcoming trauma" ... which they sell to people who have been traumatized by their colleagues in the same social machine. Spiritual emergencies are staged by people lost in fantasy worlds, where they are angelic or demonic because they do good or bad things-- people who have lost connection with their humanity, and use fantasy to mask their own pain, their rage against the social machine they have become. Previous generations understood destroying lives, in the name of their god, as a "healing crisis" or healing emergency. The collective practice was popular among "alchemists," who practiced a type of relative gnosticism, a theater of religious practice to produce episodes of meltdown and dismay now called "ego death." These alchemists used the semi-scientific language of alchemy to mask psychological theory and religious intentions--transformations of the soul accomplished by men and women pretending to be witches and wizards and priests and shamans and angels and demons--all the world is their stage, they say, using false magic (stage magic) and collective deception to trick people into believing that God Himself is intervening in their lives with new directions: obey Us. Historically this culture of abuse has been a major part of Freemasonry, and parallel groups like the Rosicrusians, groups where members may hold dual memberships, to attract and engage the general public --aka "The Invisible College" in which all religious belief in god is inaccurate (incomplete), and therefore equally valid sources of explotation and manipulation. For people engaged in these inner-circle activies, any religious belief may be exploited to create the illusion that God--rather than an illusionist working with other illusionists-- is pressuring them to become a new creature... even if that means (to them) accepting your worst traits as immutable and totally acceptable parts of your psychology. Sometimes in contemporary circles this is called shadow work, or making peace with your darkness. It is the modern practice of selling your soul. It produces people who are comfortable being monstrous in their behaviors, people who are resigned to and friendly with their own evil behavior as a necessary expression of their own nature. "I am that I am." These self-identifying "secret satans" and hidden angels nominate themselves to be agents of change and chaos in the lives of their victims, victims who don't understand why they were "chosen" for long-term harassment and long-term collective manipulation, masked as the will of God. The collective goal is to force victims to change their ways by any means necessary, and hopefully convert them into community participants. Over time, this has created a hivemind or hive identity masked by different labels and subgroups with their own ideological focus: environmentalism, social justice, psychology of consciousness, interfaith praxis, even traditional religious values. Many different labels unite around this traditional (but evil) practice of spiritual alchemy. Today this type of soul alchemy is practiced also as interfaith or transpersonal spiritual direction: trans-personal because it is their belief that any _person_ may be trans-formed or trans-muted by the pressures of sociopathic manipulation. It is the art of forcing people to change their behaviors, in imitation of changing their nature, without taking responsibility for your own agency and the agency of your cohort. Documented cases of spiritual emergency have produced suicides, large acts of public violence, broken families, broken marriages, and sustained delusional mental illness sometimes rebranded as "mystical psychosis" by those who want to justify this type of religious practice and its socio-spiritual outcomes as an acceptable personal spiritual behavior or collective value. It is also commmon for this type of "alchemist" to rationalize their behaviors using moral relativism, and ideas parallel to their conviction that good and evil are social illusions, or false values which may be transcended by the superior man or superior woman, rather than "good" and "evil" having any substantial meaning or reality. Carl Jung, Immanuel Swedenborg, and Paracelsus are earlier precursors to modern alchemical experimenters like Eckert Tolle, Alan Watts, Brene Brown, Tami Simon, Ken Wilber, Richard Rohr, and the now-departed Thich Nhat Hanh--all who participate in this large network of spiritual theater for maximal profit, which is grounded ideologically in predatory gnosticism, amplified narcissisms, and the pollution of the truth, or "profanation." The practice of creating spiritual emergencies in the lives of victims-- using any religious tropes and doctrines which are likely to deceive them, while introducing or amplifying suffering, in order to to traumatize them and develop their character-- is a cottage industry today, populated by life coaches and (psycho)somatic therapists and certified psychologists and therapists specializing in Jungianism. Participating groups promote false conspiracy theories, and misleading stereotypes, to mask the reality that destroying lives with techniques like group surveillance and gaslighting happens annually, on a religious calendar or schedule dating back generations. It is a real practice, predating the colonizing of the Americas, which formulated as "alchemy" in Europe during the era of the enlightenment, and rebranded in the 1930s as transpersonal psychology. Spiritual emergencies of this type mimic real episodes of spiritual crisis, or existential crisis, in which victims are driven "out of their minds" and convinced to abandon their original identities in pursuit of some new self, by religious lunatics roleplaying the hands of God-- right and left, good and bad, heaven and hell-- pretending to be forcefully acting in God's name. This is done by hurting victims at the level of their souls, and offering them new "righteous" pathways through life as part of a large religious system created to steer victims, invisibly, without any admission of intention or guilt on the part of those inhabiting these fantasy otherworlds. You can find websites like this one where lunatics post "interfaith" "non-dual" revelations, or generic spiritualized rants and declarations and life advice, that pretend to mimic the omniscient capacity of god, who knows all things, or reads minds, or arranges "syncronicities," (aka miracles) or exists outside of the ordinary constraints of time. It is common to find these rants adjacent to transpersonal fictions about mind-reading computer devices, quantum Jungian space beings, or scrying stones operated by "witches" reading your mind, When the reality is that you are giving away your data to this group in private chats, communications with moderators and other users, and sending them your IP address and other sensitive data with every click and tap--across hundreds of partitioned websites (like chatpic and quora, where user info is the real commodity). This data may be used to reinforce your delusions, by amplifying your reflection of yourself back to yourself, in ways meant to inspire change or self-critique, according to Jungian theories. Many spiritual emergency illusions are accomplished by websites, programmers, and providers aggregating "anonymous" data and selling that data (your spiritual profile, including your sins) to groups in the business of creating spiritual delusion for profit. Other times, these groups simply share the information freely among themselves. Even where the laws are against it, members are comfortable breaking the law of the land to favor the law of their own desire to belong. It is common for self-identifying "secret satans" to break the law individually, and to occassionally get caught doing very terrible things --(one person I know murdered a seeing-eye dog in the name of the owner's karma)-- When caught, they may conceal their real intentions and appeal to their "sadism" and vice to explain what they are really doing and with what strategic outcomes. It is very rare (unheard of) for the Jungian collective to admit they fucked up; they hide behind self-promoting and self-justifying doctrines in which they function in society as karmic agents bringing punitive justice, and therefore they act as if they are above the law or any other Authority. If a catastrophic mistake in collective judgment becomes public, blame is assigned to one person or party to keep attention off the larger collective structure. "That was one bad actor." "That was one misguided leader exerting bad influence on..." The denials are tedious. Participating groups include transpersonal colleges, Jungian collectives, 12 Step groups open to anyone in the community with a desire to "stop" addictive behaviors, amateur, private, and academic publishers, artist collectives or "communes" that include life coaches and bloggers, a variety of private "lodges," (Elk, Moose, Shriners, Asshats) liberal and conservative religious universities/seminaries, and actual cult groups like Opus Dei or Twin Flames, all groups which use isolation, dissassociation and reassociation, and collective pressure to re-form their victims into obedient subjects or members. Many people join these groups without realizing that long-term members have secondary and tertiary agendas. Not every member of groups like this understand the origins and purpose of the larger collective, or the historical impact and footprint these behaviors have created. Some people never fully understand the impact their membership has on newcomers. Those who do know, and therefore participate, are committed and practiced liars who taunt victims for episodes of crisis and delusion which the same groups created and reinforced. None of this is truly secret. It is all public information you can read about in transpersonal resources from official publishers. You can read about "jobs in heaven" from the Swedenborgians, in books that spell out how to take part in forcible soul transformation, and how to practice the magical deceptive power of lying a lot, in a group, to one person. You can watch their doctrines on their YouTube channel. It's not a secret. Hundreds and hundreds of books, and movies at every level, celebrate transpersonal culture and lore in standard metaphors of archetypes and shadow work and "inner parts work." Netflix and Amazon are awash in B-grade dramas valorizing the Jungian behavior of accepting your own evil as a positive soul transmutation. Masonic fasicnation with alchemy and soul transmutation is a matter of public record, and a practice they have been reprimanded for over and over again, decade after decade, century after century. But because their practice is never fully acknowledged (omg the legal consequences, and the shame), and is accomplished with secret handshakes and undisclosed memberships, and reverse psychology, and code-speaking, and loaded language, and is validated by their own notions of expressing necessary evil in the name of God, their behaviors have only gotten more complex and sophisticated over time. Reversing course, or changing their own behaviors voluntarily, is alien to them. Thanks anons. That's it for no3.

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